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Monday, March 31, 2008

dua for loss or tragedy

duas for loss or tragedy


I hope mutmainaa2 does not mind this clipping.

Here is a dua:

when a tragedy strikes: Umme Salama's husband was a very good man. When he died leaving behind small children, she was grieved. The Propeht (saw came to offer condolence, and asked her to recite this dua. She did, but thought: "I am old and with children. How can I get a better husband than Abu Salama?"

After the Iddah, the prophet (saw) proposed to her, and she was married to the best man ever.

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Saleem Nooruddin said...

Jazak'Allah Khairun.

Your blog is of extreme help to those, who need it most.

May Allah reward your effort for preserving others I'man, with what He may deem fit. For He is All Knowing, Most Beneficial.

Saleem Nooruddin,