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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Surah Fateha amal for problems or needs

When there is an problem, particularly life-threatening one, like an illness, operation, accident, etc. here is an amal that is based on Surah Fatiha.

Between the Sunnah and the Fard rakaahs of the Fajr prayers,

start with duroode Ibrahimi, at least once, or in odd numbers

Say Surah Fateha 41 times, together with ta3awwudh and bismillah, every time

Say duroode Ibrahimi again (the number of times you said at the beginning)

Then blow your breath on the sick person, or the one with problems. (It could be you).

No other word is to be spoken. No diversion for other tasks.

Repeat for 40 days.

It has been used in my family, for very serious problems of health, with very satisfactory results, alHamdulillah.

I have seen it in Hafiz Rehmani's book.

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