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Friday, June 24, 2005

Learning from Sheikhs

Recognising, respecting and learning from Sheikhs

The Jumma Khutba

why is it that we are dismissive of what is commonly at hand?

Every Friday we should be able to attend a khutba, for which the Maulvi Sahib takes great pains to study, research and deliver. It may be on any one of a range of subjects: like Tafsir of the Quran, the fiqh of the current or coming religious events Ramadan, Hajj, Eids, etc. It may cover recent events like tensions between communities or groups. It may be on our practical departure from the Quran and Sunnah, on social evils and their rectification, etc.

In short, everything that sheikhs are supposed to teach.

In every mosque, there is time set aside for a dars of the Quran and Hadith.

With the travel for tableegh or dawah, there is opportunity to meet and help fellow Muslims who have given up the comforts of home to undertake dawah.

So the Maulvi Sahibaan are our sheikhs, if we only look upon them with the right attitude. We have downgraded our religious scholars, courtesy of the colonial attitude.

If we make our centre the mosque, there are great opportunities to develop ourselves spiritually, as well as to build the community.

Today's khutba was about need to keep away from sins, . The example of Yusuf (as) was used to explain.

say La haula wa la quwwata illa billah (after Fajr)
Build our Taqwa.
make the niyyah and a determination to avoid sinning.
after we have been successful in avoiding sin, say alhamdulillah.

So this is what I have learnt. I have sheikhs all around me, only I have failed to recognise them, because of my shortsightedness in looking down upon them.

Then the three steps in becoming Muttaqi.

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