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What with murders, wars, theft, fraud, deceipt, infidelity, the rush for instant gratification ... does'nt the world looks like having gone mad. However if you submit to the One and Only God, the Creator and Sustainer of all, the One without any blemish, weakness or relatives, you have nothing to worry about. *** I bear witness that there is no God other than Allah, Lord of the Worlds, unique in His Person and Actions. Allah's peace and blessings be upon Muhammad (the last Messenger and Prophet of Allah) and all those who follow his Sunnah.

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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Hadith Exegesis - II

Hadith Exegesis::

Hadith Technically   • Preservation of Quran And Sunnah   • Quran explains Sunnah via Verses !   • Old Manuscripts of Hadith and Misconceptions about Hadith   • The Science of Hadith [concise version]   • Hadith: Rules for Acceptance and Transmission   • Modern Historical Methodology vs. Hadeeth Methodology   • Revelation Besides the Quran   • Any Need for Hadith?   • Prophet Muhammad [s.a.w]commanded to write Hadith   • Allah's promise to protect Quran includes the protection of Hadith as well   • Hadith Database   • Hadith Research   • Sunni hadith versus Shia hadith   • Holding Fast To Quran And Sunnah   • Adhering to the sunnah of the prophet   • Sahih Bukhari Hadith Explains Quran   • Sahih Muslim Hadith Explains Quran   • Agreed Upon Hadith Collection   • The term Sunnah present in Quran   • The term sunnah present in hadith   • Quranic Verses With Contextual Hadith   • The term hadith present in Hadith   • The term Hadith present in Quran   • Did Prophet forbid writing of Hadith?   • Examples of prophet Muhammad [pbuh] Abraham [a.s]   • The so called flawed belief of practicing tradition only  

Scholars Of Hadith::
The life & works of Imam Bukhari [r.a]   • Brief Biographies of the eminent Scholars of Hadeeth   • Were Hadiths Inserted Posthumously In The Sahih Of Al-Bukhari?   • Lie against Bukhari hadith refuted  

Refutations For Hadith Misconception::
Hadith of Monkey Stoning   • Adult nursing Hadith   • Did the Prophet endorse suicide bombing/sucide in jihad?   • Hadith about Chess is Forbidden   • Killing of rabid dogs in Hadith   • Were Men Really 60 Cubits Tall?   • Hadith of the Fly and cure -Bacteriophages   • Hadith of camel urine its cure for illness   • Hadith About Muta Marriage [Temporary Marriage]   • Did Prophet Muhammad[pbuh] Kissed Torah?   • Hadith about Music is haraam[prohibited]in Islam   • Salat-ul-Eid as well as Salat-ul Jumuah on same day   • Three versions of the final sermon?   • Hadith about standing when the bier passes   • Hadith on Evil & Good Innovations   • Was Najashi A Muslim?   • Surah Taubah Without Bismillah   • Prayer[Salat] In Hadith   • The Six Great Ones From Persia [Iran]   • Punishment In Grave Via Quran & Hadith   • Adhere to the large group[community] of Muslims   • Abrogation Theory In Quran & Hadith   • The Last Prophet Is Muhammad[Pbuh]   • The greatest Sura in the Quran   • Prophet Prophesied Traits Of Deviants   • Jinn In Quran In Hadith   • Previous Scriptures Are Corrupted   • Jesus Will Return[Quran & Hadith]  

Are majority of women in hell?   • Hijab With Niqab In Hadith   • Are Women Ill Omen ?   • Are women deficient in intelligence and religion?  

Khilafah In The Manner Of Prophethood   • Prophesy on Syria & The coming Khilafah !!!  

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