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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Index to Surahs of the Quran

Index to Surahs of the Quran

The chapters of the qur'an:

001. al-fatiha (the opening)
002. al-baqara (the cow)
003. aal-e-Imran (the family of 'Imran, the house of 'Imran)
004. an-nisa (women)
005. al-maeda (the table, the table spread)
006. al-anaam (cattle, livestock)
007. al-araf (the heights)

008. al-anfal (spoils of war, booty)
009. at-tawba (repentance, dispensation)
010. Yunus (Jonah)
011. Hud (Hud)
012. Yusuf (Joseph)
013. ar-rad (the thunder)
014. Ibrahim (Abraham)

015. al-hijr (al-hijr, stony land, city of rocks)
016. an-nahl (the bee)
017. al-isra (isra', the night journey, children of israel)
018. al-kahf (the cave)
019. Maryam (Mary)
020. ta-ha (ta-ha)
021. al-anbiya (the prophets)

022. al-hajj (the pilgrimage)
023. al-mumenoon (the believers)
024. an-noor (the light)
025. al-furqan (the criterion, the standard)
026. ash-shuara (the poets)
027. an-naml (the ant, the ants)
028. al-qasas (the story, stories)

029. al-ankaboot (the spider)
030. ar-room (the romans, the byzantines)
031. Luqman (Luqman)
032. as-sajda (the prostration,worship, adoration)
033. al-ahzab (the clans, the coalition,the combined forces)
034. saba (saba, sheba)
035. fatir (the angels, orignator)

36. ya-seen (ya-seen)
37. as-saaffat (those who set the ranks,drawn up in ranks)
38. sad (the letter sad)
39. az-zumar (the troops, throngs)
40. al-ghafir (the forgiver (god) )
41. fussilat (explained in detail)
42. ash-shura (council, consultation)
43. az-zukhruf (ornaments of gold, luxury)
44. ad-dukhan (smoke)
45. al-jathiya (crouching)
46. al-ahqaf (the wind-curved sandhills, the dunes)
47. muhammad (muhammad)
48. al-fath (victory, conquest)
49. al-hujraat (the private apartments, the inner apartments)
50. qaf (the letter qaf)
51. adh-dhariyat (the winnowing winds)
52. at-tur (the mount)
53. an-najm (the star)
54. al-qamar (the moon)
55. ar-rahman (the beneficent, the mercy giving)
56. al-waqia (the event, the inevitable)
57. al-hadid (the iron)
58. al-mujadila (she that disputeth, the pleading woman)
59. al-hashr (exile, banishment)
60. al-mumtahina (she that is to be examined, examining her)
61. as-saff (the ranks, battle array)
62. al-jumua (the congregation, friday)
63. al-munafiqoon (the hypocrites)
64. at-taghabun (mutual disillusion, haggling)
65. at-talaq (divorce)
66. at-tahrim (banning, prohibition)
67. al-mulk (the sovereignty, control)
68. al-qalam (the pen)
69. al-haaqqa (the reality)
70. al-maarij (the ascending stairways)
71. nooh (nooh)
72. al-jinn (the jinn)
73. al-muzzammil (the enshrouded one, bundled up)
74. al-muddaththir (the cloaked one, the man wearing a cloak)
75. al-qiyama (the rising of the dead, resurrection)
76. al-insan (man)
77. al-mursalat (the emissaries, winds sent forth)
78. an-naba (the tidings, the announcement)
79. an-naziat (those who drag forth, soul-snatchers)
80. abasa (he frowned)
81. at-takwir (the overthrowing)
82. al-infitar (the cleaving, bursting apart)
83. al-mutaffifin (defrauding, the cheats, cheating)
84. al-inshiqaq (the sundering, splitting open)
85. al-burooj (the mansions of the stars, constellations)
86. at-tariq (the morning star, the nightcomer)
87. al-ala (the most high, glory to your lord in the highest)
88. al-ghashiya (the overwhelming, the pall)
89. al-fajr (the dawn, daybreak)
90. al-balad (the city, this countryside)
91. ash-shams (the sun)
92. al-lail (the night)
93. ad-dhuha (the morning hours, morning bright)
94. al-inshirah (solace, consolation, relief)
95. at-tin (the fig, the figtree)
96. al-alaq (the clot, read)
97. al-qadr (power, fate)
98. al-bayyina (the clear proof, evidence)
99. az-zalzala (the earthquake)
100. al-adiyat (the courser, the chargers)
101. al-qaria (the calamity, the stunning blow, the disaster
102. at-takathur (rivalry in world increase, competition
103. al-asr (the declining day, eventide, the epoch)
104. al-humaza (the traducer, the gossipmonger)
105. al-fil (the elephant)
106. quraish (winter, quraysh)
107. al-maun (small kindnesses, almsgiving, have you seen)
108. al-kauther (abundance, plenty)
109. al-kafiroon (the disbelievers, atheists)
110. an-nasr (succour, divine support)
111. al-masadd (palm fibre, the flame)
112. al-ikhlas (sincerity)
113. al-falaq (the daybreak, dawn)
114. an-nas (mankind)

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